The Essential Guide to Re-evaluating Your MDR Vendor

Security tools in most organizations detect far more potential threats than security operations teams typical have capacity to triage, investigate and respond to.  One tactic many organizations employ to help close the gap between their workloads and team capacity is to outsourcing to managed detection and response vendors (MDRs). 

Recently a new type of MDR has become available on the market, the autonomous MDR, which uses AI and machine learning to replace the role of humans in performing MDR functions. Given this new and innovative approach to performing security operations, it’s time for organizations to reinspect their security operations decisions, including their choice of MDR.

In this guide, get a better understanding of:

  1. The types of MDRs on the market
  2. What an autonomous MDR is an how it works
  3. 8 criteria to use to evaluate MDRs
  4. A cheatsheet of questions to ask MDRs 





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